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  1. I would like some advice to my given situation. I have been living in australia for the last 6 years and in the final year of my bachelor degree decided on a career change as I was not getting any fulfilment in my job as a hospital scientist. I was very drawn to nursing and then decided to pursue a course in nursing at the university in Australia and have just freshly graduated and I have obtained my registration with APHRA. But due to personal circumstances and wanting to spend more time with my parents and grandparents I have decided to return to singapore. I have previously made enquiries with the SNB and they said since i completed my nursing degree in Australia I was considered foreign trained so for me to register in singapore I require a hospital to hire me and then provide me training for 6 months and my employer would help me get registered. I have went online to all the public and private hospital and online career website like but all the advertisement were looking for staff nurse with minimum 2 years experience, must be registered with SNB and Singaporean/PR preferred (which is the only thing that I am qualified for) Should I still go ahead and take the chance and apply for the job? What are my chances are, being that I am freshly grad RN trained in Australia?

    I have also read up on some expat forum whereby AU/NZ nurses who moved to singapore due to their spouse/partners job but couldn't get a nursing job.
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    Hi, I am a Malaysian with US nursing license. I just graduated from nursing school this past May and currently working as a pediatric nurse. I am planning to go back and get closer to my family but I am having the same doubt as you do. I know this is an old post but I would love to know how did it go with your job application in Singapore? Thank you.