Should I take the challenge test first for CNA or concentrate on the NCLEX review?

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    I'm a new BSN graduate in the Philippines and passed the Board Exam there last July. Now, I came back here in California to take the NCLEX-RN. I send already the Request for Transcript and Breakdown of Subjects that I took to my friend and forward it to my school but until now she didn't receive the letter yet and currently I'm doing a self review. Here's a thing..I want to ask if it is a good idea if I should take the challenge test for CNA here while waiting for my papers for NCLEX-RN to be process or concentrate on the review?and what are the requirements if ever i"ll take the challenge test for CNA?thanks!

    Please I really need an advise cause i get frustrated at times of not doing anything except for reviewing.
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    You could see about the CNA requirements and whether they will allow you to take the test but wanted to make sure you are aware of current CA issues with not accepting RN training and many being denied eligibility to take NCLEX without making up some courses?
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    Thank you for the reply Yes, it's so sad reading about that issues from my fellow bsn grads internationally plus i didn't submit my applications yet to CABON. Praying that, when it's my turn to i won't encounter alot of problems with this. Again,thank you. Godbless

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