Salary of a US nurse expat in Qatar or Middle East - page 2

Hi, I am interested to know how much is the salary of US nurses working in Middle East especially in Qatar. I knew already about no tax, free accommodation, bonus at end of year, free return... Read More

  1. by   Isieze
    I am currently considering accepting an offer for a job in Qatar, but would like to know if anyone has experience with exit permits and multiple exi and entries into the country. Whats the point in living in a place and unable to travel out to visit places since it is so central.
  2. by   spanishlace
    I was curious if you ever did accept an offer for Qatar. I have been contacted by a recruiter for Sidra as well...would love an update !!
  3. by   nicurn123
    Sidra only hire US, Canadian and European licensed nurses. The hospital will open in 2 years. They will pay depending on your years of experience and currently what are you making in your present job. From $5-8K /month. The benefits are true to what they say but be careful to read your contract because they will change it during the last minute. Transportation/Driving is crazy and out of this world there. You need to do the whole process to obtain a DL there esp if you are from the USA. Just be careful and goodluck !!
  4. by   judy7yuri
    I would like some information about this hosital and the recruiter that you used please let me know
  5. by   amina35
    Thank you so much. What is the name of your facility. I'm very interested. All my best
  6. by   daktarimkenya
    What a balmy of an answer? How much " paid well"? You are kind people whi give nurses a - "they don't think" label
  7. by   Olliepancake92
    Any updates??
  8. by   fishball2017
    what about new zealand passports?