RPN to RN (BScN) Help Please!

  1. Hi, I'm a newly graduate RPN, who has also just recently passed the board exam and luckily got a job within a few weeks of receiving my exam results.

    Now that I know how it feels like to work as a nurse (which is very fulfilling and exciting to me), I feel that I wanna continue on and obtain more knowledge and get into more different type of nursing settings.

    I wanna go into RN(BScN) I have two choices to get into it:

    1: Bridging Program from RPN to RN
    2: Do the full 4years RN course and start fresh.

    I have a few problems though:

    1:In order to get into the bridging program I require a GPA 3.0 and some other program requirements which I'm still confused about needing B+ in some nursing courses, to continue on my Cumulative GPA ended up short by .10 points to each a GPA of 3.0 therefore that is holding me back to get into a bridging program

    2:In order to do the full 4 years RN course I have to return back to High School or Adult High School (I'm 20), because when I was in high school I only took College course but in order to get into RN I need university courses which will take me at least another year or two to before I can really start the RN course.

    Other Info:

    I really wanna do the bridging program because it seems it's the fastest route however I don't know a way to raise my GPA, I've talked to the school I graduated at and they said they are currently not accepting student (because of the labor strike). So I don't have any information as of yet if I could go back and raise some of my past courses grades that will help bring my GPA up(However I have a feeling that they want me to redo everything all together again which I don't want to because I had some really good marks in majority of my classes).


    If you were once in this situation or knew someone in this situation could you please tell me on solutions what I can do. Thank You in advance!
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  3. by   dishes
    The best organization for a RPN to seek career and education advice is though the RPNAO, if you are not a member, I recommend you join and utilize their career counselling services.
  4. by   joanna73
    I was 32 and it took me a year to obtain my prerequisites for the BSN course. I didn't want to do prerequisites either, but I did. If you want to be an RN bad enough, you'll do what is necessary. There are no shortcuts. You're only 20, so really...what's the big deal?