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Hi everyone, My name is Samantha and ive been accepted at Sheridan college for RPN. I currently attend York U, and have always dreamed of being an RN. York has a program that allows you to switch... Read More

  1. by   rita21
    I actually finished the RPN program and am bridging to RN. I have to say that this is the best route because now by working about 9 months before starting the bridge and then working 2 days a week I'm paying my tuition myself without relying on credit cards or student loans.

    Also, I think being an RPN first makes you a better rounded RN eventually because its almost like your working from the ground up. You get to see LTC facilities, home care, flu clinics etc.

    Also, I;m not sure about anyone else but i happen to think there are ALOT of jobs for RPN's out there (mostly because we are cheaper to hire than RN's) I recieved 4 offers of employment after graduation in the GTA. You just have to look and put your self out there.

    Good luck
  2. by   saints
    Thank you all for your comments.I feel much more confident about starting my nursing career as an RPN and honestly can't wait to start! Rita21,im really glad you mentioned the fact that you're able to bridge and still work at the same time because after 2 years of studying at York in addition to studying at sheridan im going to be about $20,000 in debt.Im also relieved that you mentioned that there are a number of jobs available-im hoping they readily hire new graduates as well-because i was concerned that i wouldnt be able to find much especially in the GTA.