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Hi, Does any one know of any RPN job openings for new graduates? I graduated in October 2010 and have been looking for a job ever since but no sucess yet. any info would be appreciated.... Read More

  1. by   CanadianGirl79
    Keep looking at hospital websites. Try calling the HR departments, and asking if there are any plans to hire RPNs in the next little while. Go drop of resumes in person at nursing homes, and contact some agencies. Agencies get a bad rep sometimes, but paid work is paid work. And experience is experience. Plus, you never know what connections you might make.

    You could also try calling Drs' offices and walk-in clinics.
  2. by   ButtonNose
    Hey there, even if you are offered casual or part time positions- do not turn them down! you are most likely to get more hours than expected. happy hunting!
  3. by   RasberryTea
    Maybe you should consider taking a job from an agency if that's all you can get for now . A good site you might also look into's workopolis. The newspaper's always good too as they usually have nursing jobs ads in them.
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