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    My husband is a registered in India and working in a government hospital as nurse. He had cleared RN exam for US back in 2011 which is now expired. US officials renewed his license for 2 years but after 2 years they stopped and asked for SIN number which my husband doesn't have. Now he's moving to Canada by this summer. My question is can he get his RN license renewed once he's in Canada? if not would he be eligible to give RN exam or do he have to go to school first?

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Is he wanting to work in Canada? If yes then he will need to start process for the provincial college of Registered Nurses and NNAS
  4. by   dishes
    Has your husband been approved by CIC to migrate to Canada? If so, he can obtain advice from a program entitled Pre-Arrival Support Services, for information look on pass4nurses.org
    If he hasn't already applied to NNAS to have his education assessed for equivalency to a Canadian entry-to-practice education, he should apply ASAP. The process takes many months and it is possible that his education will be deemed not comparable to a Canadian BScN.
    Which province is he planning to live in?