RN input needed for college paper, please help

  1. I am looking for an RN's help for a college "shadow" paper. This RN will get full documented credit. I have been given a structured questionnare from my professor, but I'm also interested in unique opinions and points of view that can be offered. I have 2 majors, RN and Health Administration and am interested in giving patients the treatment they need versus cutting health care costs most of all. Being from the USA, I realize that we need to move more toward the global model of health care that you as Canadians enjoy. Your career is a noble one and I am very interested in points of view from RN's with years of experience. Please email me. I would like to then send you the structured questionnare, but welcome anything else you would like to add. This help is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   fergus51
    You can post it here or pm me if you like. I work in Ontario.