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Did anyone applied? Is it true that RNHeals nurses from batch1 with great evaluation outcome from chief nurses where they were deployed will be part of this batch??... Read More

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    thanks for the info simplydonna.
    i hope they'll be releasing the result by the end of the month. Prolonging agony ...
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    Haha you're welcome. I hope so. Good luck to us. Are you batch 2011 too @hyds_rn?
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    Nope. I'm from batch 2010.
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    There is a chance for everyone but since there are a lot of applicants, the better if not the best ones, will be chosen (based on the evaluation and attitude exam). I was part of RNHEALS Batch 1 as an additional staff (October-December 2011). A national certificate would be given I think issued by PRC, DOH, DSWD and DOLE. Deployment will be this March 2012 and the assignment is one year community.
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    Quote from simplydonna
    I applied for RN Heals Calabarzon.
    Hi simplydonna, I also applied there. any progress? have you been called already?