1. Hi everyone,

    I am a Italian Registered Nurse currently working in UK and I have been thinking of move to Australia or Canada with my partner (she's also a RN)
    but I am not sure which country would be the best option from a nursing career - lifestyle point of view.

    It will be very helpful to have suggestions from nurses that are already working there.

    Hope you can help us,your opinions would be really precious!

    Many thanks
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    We have forums in the World section for both Australia and Canada but we ask that you don't post the same question in various forums.

    Having working in the UK and now living in Canada I would say you really need to decide what sort of life you want. I can't comment for Australia but Canada is huge and climate varies. Saying that I live in the Atlantic side of Canada and love it. I live only minutes from the ocean but we do not have many mountains.