Procedure for BSN in India?

  1. Hi All,

    I currently live in the US, and want to go to India to peruse my Bachelors in Nursing. What is the procedure I have to go through in order to go to college in India as an International Student? I am a US Citizen, so what type of visa do I apply for? Do I need to get my High School transcript evaluated before I start applying to colleges there? I am planning on coming back to the US after I get my degree.
    Those of you who reside in India, can you suggest some good Nursing Colleges? I was looking into uni's in Bangalore and Chennai. Any idea about Manipal University?

    I am clueless regarding rules and regulations of India, so if any of you have experience with this matter, please advise me.

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    Greetings Nikita,
    Another nursing college would be at Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai. I would gladly answer any more questions when you respond.

    Kind regards
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    the following is some information which you might find useful:
    i have divided your question into four parts for ease of

    q-1: is the nursing degree obtained from india acceptable in the us?
    if so, what are they and can they be taken in india?

    ans: yes, the nursing degree obtained from india is acceptable in us.

    "this degree must be provided by a government recognized nursing
    school. before starting the degree course, you must have completed
    senior secondary school education. after getting this degree, you must
    have a minimum of two years of experience. this experience should not
    be restricted to only one area of medicine. you must also have
    surgical experience. suppose you have worked only in pediatrics
    department and you have medical and surgical experience in pediatrics.
    that will not be of any help. you must have experience in most spheres
    of healthcare (medical / surgical aspects) of adults, children and
    maternal areas and in psychiatric and mental health care.

    even candidate with diploma in nursing from a government recognized
    institute / nursing school can also apply for the job in usa. the
    duration of diploma course must be of at least 4 years. however,
    before applying, you must have at least a minimum of four years of
    experience. again, this experience must not be restricted to only one
    field of medicine."

    "process details -"

    q-2: what is the procedure for a medical nurse educated in india to
    for a similar job in a u s hospital?

    ans: the first thing that you have to do is to get a passport. a
    passport is a document issued by the ministry of external affairs, the
    government of india. most state capitals have a passport office that
    issues and renews passports. you can approach these offices and get a

    the second thing to look for is a job abroad. there are many ways
    available for you to search for jobs abroad. in us, there are more
    than 6,000 hospitals and many of them have vacancies for registered
    nurses. some of them are ready to support you in getting a green card.
    incase if your friend is working in a hospital abroad, you can request
    her to look for a job in the same hospital. employee references always
    help in getting a job easily. following web sites, which deals in
    nurse placement:

    once you find a suitable job, you can send your application directly.
    nurses can work for a minimum period of 40 hours per week. you must
    enter into an agreement with the hopsital. in us, each state has a
    board of nursing. this board has the legal authority to regulate
    nursing in that state. the board is the authority that issues licenses
    to nurses. therefore, you have to fulfill formalities that these
    boards specify before you start working there. while some of these
    formalities are related to your nursing profession, other formalities
    are aimed at entering and living in us.

    the professional formalities that you have to fulfill are three in

    -- getting a cgfns certificate (
    -- passing the nclex-rn exam
    -- getting a visascreen certificate.

    other formalities related to entering into us are the formalities
    about getting a visa and other requirements. the entire process will
    take a minimum time of about one and a half years.

    "test details -"

    q -2: how would one prepare for these tests and approximately how
    much time it would require to do so?

    ans: getting a cgfns certificate: this test is conducted by the
    commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools (cgfns). this test
    is a part of the cgfns certification program. this program is meant
    for those general nurses who are educated and / or licensed in
    countries other than the usa. to get an application form for the
    program, you must approach cgfns. you can send a letter / fax / email
    or you can down load the application form from cgfns web site ( ). the application form will
    contain detailed instructions about who is eligible to apply for the
    program. it will also tell you about how do you get your credentials
    reviewed. it will give you detailed instructions about how to send
    your mark sheets / nursing school certificates / registration and
    licenses. it will indicate the type of questions that you will face in
    the qualifying exam.

    who is eligible?

    you are eligible if you are educated to be a nurse.
    besides education, you must have a registration and must hold a
    license to work as a nurse.

    if you satisfy all of these conditions, then you can apply for the
    cgfns certification program.

    the cgfns program comprises of three parts:

    1) credentials review of your education, registration and license

    2) a one day qualifying cgfns exam that aims to test your nursing

    3) attaining a minimum prescribed score in test of english as a
    foreign language (toefl) / michigan english language assessment
    battery (melab) as a sign for showing your english language skills.

    credentials review:

    in this part, cgfns wants to review your educational documents - marks
    sheets, certificates from your schools, college and nursing schools.
    you must request your nursing school to send the marks sheets, and the
    degree certificates / diplomas directly to cgfns. you must be sure
    that these certificates are send in english. you must also request the
    license board to send a letter to cgfns. the letter must state clearly
    and categorically state that you have a full and unrestricted license
    and you have a registration to work as a registered nurse. you must
    request the licensing board to send the letter directly to cgfns.

    suppose your marks sheet/certificates are not in english, then,
    request your school / college /nursing school to send a word-by word
    translation. you must request the registering authority / licensing
    authority to do the same. in case if they are not able to do that,
    cgfns can provide the service. however, you have to pay a fee for

    after receiving these educational and license documents, cgfns will
    analyze them. after receiving the documents from you, your school and
    licensing authority, cgfns will send a letter to you. the letter will
    specify all the documents that were received by cgfns. the letter will
    also specify what are all the documents that are still needed. once
    all the documents are received, cgfns will scrutinize them, and asks
    you to appear for the test.

    after sending your application form to cgfns, in case if you wish to
    make any changes in your cgfns application, then, only the following
    changes are allowed. they are - change of name, change of address,
    change of exam date or exam location. however, you must send your
    application in writing to make these changes. you need not pay any
    additional fees for these changes. cgfns has also fixed a deadline for
    making these changes. your handwritten application must reach cgfns 10
    weeks before the date of the qualifying exam.

    qualifying cgfns exam:

    this qualifying exam is conducted three times a year.

    the third part of the program:

    the third part of the program is to appear for an english competency
    exam. you can appear for the toefl or melab exams. cgfns recognised
    only these two exams as a measure for assessing your english
    competency. for more information on these exams, refer to chapters on
    toefl and melab. cgfns also prescribes the minimum scores that you
    have to achieve in toefl / melab exams.


    for toefl including twe and tse
    : 540.
    for computer based toefl
    : 207,
    : 4.0,
    : 50.

    melab - parts i, ii, iii
    : combined minimum score of 79
    for the speaking test
    : 3+

    remember an important aspect. the scores that you have achieved in
    both cgfns qualifying exam and toefl / melab are valid for only two
    years. hence, make efforts to see that you complete all the
    formalities and join in a job before this validity ceases. other wise,
    you will have to appear for the exams again.

    if you have completed all the three parts of the program, then, cgfns
    will award you a cgfns certificate.

    you must submit this cgfns certificate to get your visa. once you get
    the cgfns certificate, you have more chances of passing the nclex-rn
    exam and get a license to work as a registered nurse. (about 88-92%
    of those nurses who have secured the cgfns certificate has passed the
    nclex-rn exams.) to appear for an nclex-rn exam in most of the states
    in usa, one of the eligibility norms is to have a cgfns certificate.
    once you achieve the cgfns certificate, your employer will also have a
    greater confidence on your working skills. there is every possibility
    of getting better pay. cgfns certificate is also essential to
    complete the visascreen: visa credentials assessment. hence, by
    getting this certificate, you have crossed a major hurdle in your
    effort to go abroad to work as a nurse.

    other sites of interest:

    "conducts cgfns exam preparation course in india:"

    "provides details on immigration rules & regulations:"

    hope this helps
  5. by   Ginger's Mom
    The information is the above post is outdated. Some links are broken and others have outdated information.

    Do a good search here and you will find that nursing jobs are hard to come by. Also if you wish to practice in the USA go to school in the USA. In efforts to save money in the long run if your goal is to work in the USA, by a foreign grad will make your professional life difficult.

    Many say there is a long wait to get into US schools. This is true, but if you are a good student you will find a program and when you graduate your chances of passing the boards is between 75%-80% the first time. If you are foreign graduate you have a 30% to 40% chance of passing. Many posters here cite they have poor grades in the USA, I often wonder how they think they can come back to the USA and pass the boards when they already have a poor track record in the USA.

    So my advice is you wish to practice in the USA go to school in the USA. If money is an issue, become a LPN, then RN ADN, and then BSN, is it very doable. If your grades are poor, study hard in community college and get good grades. If you wish to practice in India this post is irreverent.