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  1. Hi guys! I hope someone can help me. Im applying for CGFNS credential verification service for new york state. They told me that they already sent the request for license verification in PRC manila... But i dont have any idea where to check and how to process it in PRC.... Is there someone from PRC incharge for this? How much do i need to pay? Thanks guys! God bless us all
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    As far as I am aware all fees are covered by CGFNS as they are the ones obtaining your documents
  4. by   thestrella
    The CGFNS sends the required doc to the PRC. You don't need to worry for the processing and for any payment.

    After a month or two months. Someone from your family in the philippines can go to PRC and verify if they send ur license verification to CGFNS already. For me it took 8 months before the CGFNS sends report to new york.
  5. by   ManilaRN
    @thestrella Hello.I'm a RN from the Philippines.I just want to ask about the CVS process.How can they send the request for license verification to PRC?I applied to CGFNS online and they didn't provide a space to place PRC Manila's address.What should I do?Just want to be sure.Thank you very much.