Practical Nursing Admissions at George Brown College

  1. Hi there,

    I'll be doing my admissions test on Monday for the RPN program at George Brown.

    Also, I am just wondering if my marks are enough or should I upgrade them/take the Pre Health program.

    My marks are as follows: Grade 12 English U (90), Grade 12 Math U (86), Grade 12 Biology U (85), Grade 12 Chemistry U (70). That leads me to getting an average of 82.75

    Would appreciate your advise!
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  3. by   Helpme103
    Do not fear, marks are not everything. I just got accepted to george brown for RPN today. My marks were horrible. Grade 12 English (67), Grade 12 Math (N/A) I did grade 11 math and got a 62%, Grade 12 Bio (60) and Grade 12 Chemistry (51), kinesiology(75) and grade 12 physics(75%) that leads me to an average of HORRIBLE. I actually came back for 1 semester in highschool to get some courses I was missing. I took grade 12 math, grade 12 bio, and kinesiology. I ended up getting a 60 in bio, and failing math, well I pretty much did not even show up for math, it was boring and I honestly just slept in class until I felt I did not want to go to class anymore, and I got a 75% in kinesiology(exercise science) I am guessing I did really well on the admission test even though I literally studied only the day before. I would imagine I only studied for like 6 hours, not even really. I only had around 3 hours of sleep before the exam. My essay for the exam I thought was horrible and I honestly thought I did horrible on the editing the sentences of an essay part. Somehow I got accepted with these horrible marks and with a what I thought to be horribly done test considering my lack of studying time and being out of school since january.