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  1. 0 are there any other schools that offer practical nursing here in the Philippines?, in Luzon, especially in manila. and do you know roughly how much would it cost per semester?

    then, in our country, is there a large opportunity (job wise) for practical nurses? i was studying BSN. but unfortunately i'm having financial difficulties,that's why i was forced to stop studying. i was considering continuing my studies in a different school. but because my school has a different curriculum, i'm unable to do so. in my old school i'm having duties as early as 2nd year 1st sem.. right now it would be more difficult because of the new curriculum. so, is my decision continuing to study, but now as a practical nurse a good thing? thanks. every comment is helpful.
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    please read this thread:

    unless you are already a u.s. citizen or a "green card" holder, this lpn program will be of no use to you because you cannot use the lpn license for employment based petition. it has to be a bsn degree.

    there isn't even a licensure for lpns there in the philippines, so i don't know how you are going to get an lpn job there. we only have registered nurses (bsn) in the philippines.

    good luck!
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    so even if i study as a pn here in the phil i cant get work? i dont have any plans in working abroad..

    is ladderized nursing better?
    the one that lets you study midwifery first?