Please kindly help, when do I need to send my TOEFL score to Nursing colleges?

  1. Please help, I am so confused! I am trying to get into the Nursing program at Humber and applied through ontario colleges website, however I did not take the toefl test yet because I was not aware I could apply ( still taking prerequisites but I may be eligible for a conditional offer as a mature student) as it turns out my application is being considered for September 2011. I have to send them my Toefl score but I wonder if it's not too late? Deadline is February the 1-st but many exams are coming up in January and don't have the time to take the toefl test until mid February. I don't want to get rejected by the colleges because they don't have my toefl score, I worked so hard to apply with a 93% average. Am I still eligible for a conditional offer and take the toefl test after? I'm about to send them an e-mail but please, if you had similar experiences, please share them with me!Thanks
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    Did you call the college/university and ask for an extension on the deadline?
  4. by   danamoss
    No, I did not called the college to ask for an extension, is it possible to do that? To ask for an extension? Thanks so much, I will do my research on that.
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