1. 0 I am nurse from Africa but studied and registred in USA. I am trying to relocate to one of these countries; Australia, New Zealand, Ireland. The problem is that the requirements for registration in these countries are long and complicated which means it might take me almost a year before i get there and my Visa in USA expired and was denied renewal. Is there any other developed country that has an easy/short registration process?
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    I think you will find most countries will take anything longer than 6 months to go through the process and I doubt any process will be easy or short. You will still have to meet requirements and a lot will depend on what RN training you have received ADN/BSN
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    thank silverdragon for responding to my thread. I have BSN. Any ideas on some well paying countries and where i can further my studies?
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    Can't really suggest however the issue may not be as much as getting registered as a nurse but obtaining a work visa/permit

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