Planning to take onp already in uk

  1. 0 Hi guys im a bit confuse because someone told me that I have to go back to my country of origin (Philippines) if I would like to take up ONP she told me I have to process my documents there.

    Do you think I have to go back to my country to process my ONP?

    Kindly help me with this please...
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    Where are you know? It doesn't matter where you process your paperwork as long as you are legal in the country you are in
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    Im in the uk.
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    Processing your documents can take time, a long time. What capacity are you in the UK? Do you have 12 months nursing experience? Do you have English exam pass? Check out the requirements on the NMC website but you do not have to be at home to complete them
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    Im on a student visa it will be expiring on October 30. I haven't pass yet my ielts. Im still working on it. Im planning to study bs nursing with ONP because I would like to stay in uk (for some personal reasons) while processing my ONP. HOPEFULLY im doing the right thing. Thanks silverdragon for ylur replys

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