Nursing Specialization in the Philippines

  1. Good day.

    I'm just wondering about specialization programs for nurses in the Philippines. I've been searching the net for answers but it's hard to find much content. I want to know if these programs even exist. I know Psychiatric Nursing has one at the National Center for Mental Health but how about others? Do I really just have to be assigned on a specific area to be specialized? Do I need to have years of experience as a plain nurse before I can specialize. Are the doors for specialization also closed just like the doors for job opportunities?

    I'm a registered nurse as of 2008 and it's just hard to find a job. I was hoping at least that I could learn. More. I originally wanted be a NICU nurse and practice in Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital speaking of which, does anyone happen to have details on training in Fabella? HOw about other hospitals and areas aside from NICU?

    I'm not exactly looking for pay though I wish to...and a backer...... I just really want to be trained.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   iamnomad
    There are graduate degree programs that will lead you to a certain specialty.
    From my web searching, UERM offers at least 6 specialization. But finishing the degree is not enough, given the employment situation in the Philippines. But at least, you'll have a foundation.

    Others do training to be a Dialysis nurse.

    Then there's Public Health.

    But my choice before was to be an Occupational Health Nurse/Officer. UP is offering Master of Occupational Health, UERM offers MSN - Occupational Health. You can work as an occupational health officer, Quality Assurance RN, employee health RN, etc. And I won't even say plain company nurse.,coz if you specialize in Occupational Health, your task is greater and more complex.

    But I'm not sure tho with all of these.
  4. by   OhLookItsRalph, RN
    I am currently applyinng as trainee in fabella.
  5. by   hazyblue
    ^ Do you pay for the training program or do they pay you? What's the scope of the training? Thanks.
  6. by   akolang2
    hi there may i know the requirements to pass to be a nurse volunteer in fabella???please reply how much is the cost of training???thank you :>