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Nurses of Puerto Moving to US

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    I am a graduate nurse francheska mendezs of Puerto Rico and am currently finishing my bachelor of science in nursing. I would like to know the process to move to work in the United States. I know you have to take several exams like the NCLEX and TOEFL. But actually I'm not sure of the process.

    Thanks for your attention
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    Hi Francheska,

    Is your college accredited? If so there are several way which you sit for the NCLEX. I currently am also a new grad from Puerto Rico and am waiting on my ATT. If you need any help, I'm glad to answer any of your questions.
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    Hello as I can communicate with you to learn about the NCLEX.
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    It depends on the state. Where are you planning on moving to?
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    I want the job of Travel Nurse the first state i want is florida,.
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    In order to complete your NCLEX application, for Florida, you need a credentials evaluation. On their website they list the agencies that do this. It's basically to make sure your education is equivalent to the education in the States. You'll have to fill out the NCLEX exam application, register on Pearson vue and once the credential evaluation is done they (if the education is equivalent) will send you an authorization to test (ATT) and then with that you can schedule your exam. Travel nursing requires several years of experience.
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    YEs i know that im prepare me for that.