nmc sub part 1 or 2?

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    Can someone please explain which part of the list I should be on? I have a Dip HE in Nursing. Is that level 1 and a degree is level 2?

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    No you will be registered as RN and your area of practice (adult, child, mental health etc)

    Level 2 used to be the old enrolled nurse part of the register but I think we are all classed as registered nurses now.
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    Thanks for responding so quickly XB9S I'm still confused however (it doesn't take much... ). I'm applying for an NHS job online and under "Professional body and membership" the menu options include e.g. NMC sub part 1 Adult, and also NMC sub part 2 Adult. Unfortunately at the moment the NMC website is down, so I can't check with them. From what you've siad though, maybe I should go for level 1.
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    Sub part 2 adult will be the enrolled nurse. You are a RN sub part 1
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    Many thanks again
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    this will tell what part you are on


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