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NICUs in Toronto

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    This is my first thread, so please be gentle

    I'm starting nursing school in September and so far I'm mostly interested in Women's health/Maternal, Mother/Baby, OB/GYN, L&D, Nursery, and of course NICU! :redpinkhe Basicaly everything that has to do with women and babies

    I wanted to ask if anyone know what hospitals in Toronto/GTA have NICU. I know of four so far: Mount Sinai, Sunnybrook, Sick Children's Hospital and North York General Hospital. Are there other hospitals that have a NICU?

    And another thing, does anyone know if hospital would be willing to let me "shadow" a RN in the NICU? (That would be the most amazing thing :spin I know I should ask individial hospitals, but I'm not even sure if such a practice exists, I don't wanna look like an idiot asking for something impossible... If I were to ask, should I do it in person, over the phone or via email? Are people allowed to volunteer on the maternity floors, especially NICU?

    btw I love this site!