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  1. Hi all,As the title suggests I'm a newly qualified nurse (21) with a degree in Adult Nursing.My father told me there is a chance that he'll like to go back to Las Vegas to live (has US citizenship) in 5 years time and have the whole family move. Now within those 5 years I'll hope to be an experienced RN, but I've heard that due to British Nursing courses being more specialised than general, I won't have enough experience or knowledge to qualify as a US RN. Could you all help me with the following please:- What exams are required for non-US RNs to take?- What resources are available for these exams? - If Mental Health and Child Nursing is not fully covered in my degree, are there top-up courses I can take in the UK or US?- Advice on the transition?Thanks
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Decision will be made by the state BON but you will be required to have both clinical and theory hours on your transcripts in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult. Currently no catch up courses available in the UK. In the US may be hard to get into a nursing school to make up hours. Plus what visa are you going to get? If your father is sponsoring you he better start now because it will take several years for you to get a visa