New Nurse in Canada need some help

  1. hi all
    my name is ibrahim and i got my undergraduate degree from jordan and my master degree from usa and i have the nclex-rn and three years working experience in usa. i have the bls, acls, & pals certificates and i am certified in chemotherapy. in addition to three years of teaching experience.
    i am going to move to toronto - canada soon, i have a good idea regarding the crne exam. i need your help in three things:
    1. i want to know how much do bedside experience nurses make in canada per hour. does that increased if i worked night, weekends, or overtime? how much the governments take as a tax?
    2. please recommend some review books, and strategies books for me to review.
    3. i want to visit a hospital in toronto around april / 2011 just to see how it differs from hospitals in usa, any suggestions?

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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    There have been many posts that contain the information you're seeking.

    1. Go to Cross Country Comparison to find some of this information. The tax question depends on the province. Ontario has fairly high taxes in addition to the federal taxes we all pay. Count on at least 30% of your gross income.

    2. Go to FAQ - The Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE)

    3. Choose a couple of hospitals in the area and call their human resources department to arrange a tour. It's unlikely you'll be permitted to shadow anyone though.
  4. by   ibrasalami
    Thank you so much janfrn