New graduate moving to auzzy..HELP

  1. hi all, my name is zahra and I have recently graduated from AUT in Auckland, New Zealand. I have moved to Australia to look for work however I am unsure of what I need to do and who I need to register with. in NZ we have to be a member of a nursing organisation and also be registered with the nursing council and a have a APC (annual practising certificate). Does anyone know what the equivalent for these are in Melbourne Australia, I would very much appreciated it and also what kind of visa should I apply for in order to become a permanent resident. cheers
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    Every Kiwi knows how to come to Australia and stay....are you not a New Zealander? if you are you do not need permanent residency, you would have received a visa at the border that allows you to stay and work!!

    If you are registered with the New Zealand nursing council you fill in the form at the Australian Health Practitioners agency
    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Home and use the form for nurses registered in New Zealand.

    If you are not a kiwi then you need to find an employer that is willing to give you a full time job and apply for a long term business visa or you can emigrate, which means you must be assessed by the AMNAC and then apply through immigration to be given a permanent residence visa, you will still need to be registered with AHPRA to be a Registered Nurse. Department of Immigration & Citizenship