New Grad BSN international nursing

  1. Hi, I want to learn about international nursing opportunities for a RN new graduate with a BSN Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I am in the US and I hope to potentially work in the UK or Australia in the future. Can new graduates without prior hospital experience work internationally?
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  3. by   perioddrama
    1) Here is the UK Board website. It states:

    "To apply for registration with us, you must first be registered in the country you trained in, and you must have at least 12 months of registered practice in the field of nursing or midwifery for which you want to apply." (source)

    So no, new grads cannot apply.

    2) Here is the Aus Board website. It states:

    "The applicant must hold, or be eligible to hold, a current
    nursing and/or midwifery registration or licence to practise
    either in their country of residence, and/or their country
    of origin, and/or their country of initial education, and
    must have practised within the past five years as defined
    in criteria of the NMBA recency of practice registration
    standard." (source)

    So no, new grads cannot apply.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Aswell as meeting the country's requirements for a nurse don't forget you have to meet immigration requirements and for the UK you must meet UK job shortage list and a new grad will not meet that and also take into account current economic issues and in the UK with many nurses loosing their jobs then as a foreign nurse it will be hard to justify employing you as a new grad to a UK or EU nurse
  5. by   joby123
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