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  1. Hi. I will make this very long story short. I need to make up ~1300 clinical hours in order to be registered w/ the NMC. I am a RN from the US w/ my ASN. In order for me to be eligible for registration, I need to get my BSc as well as make up the additional clinical hours. As an international student, I am not eligible for the full-time 2-3 yr BSc Nursing programs, which has the approved clinical component. You need to have UK resident status for 3 years in order to receive the NHS bursary and they do not accept private pay. I am planning on doing a 1 yr top-up BSc Nursing Studies program in the UK and then enter a fast-track Master's program. This will at least get me over there to be w/ my partner (we are getting married), and I can further my education. Do any of you know of any way in the UK or US to just gain clinical hours, such as a RN refresher course or anything else? I think this is going to call for some genius creativity. Thank you
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  3. by   babbyfresh
    Am not sure about this but i know other nurses years ago who have done an adaptation program where they work in the hospital for six months, try ringing NMC and see if they have any info on this. If not call round to the uni and see if they will accept you never know, it sounds like you will just be doing a top program isn,t it.
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    I still work in a hospital in the US. Unfortunately, I can't work as a nurse in a hospital over here until I am registered w/ the NMC. I've done an orientation program in the hospital when I first became a nurse, for 3 months. That's when I had a preceptor working w/ me. Is that what you are talking about? And yes, I will be doing a top-up program b/c the UK programs that offer clinicals, aren't available to international students b/c they are funded by the NHS. Thank you though
  5. by   SV RN
    hi, I've been through the same route... There is no way to make up clinical hours. I was trained as RN - 2y program and then completed BSN in Israel. I hold US license and was working for almost 6 years, then we moved to UK for my husband's job. My education was not approved by the NMC and there is no way to do any bridge/orientation program. Orientation program is only for those, who have been approved by the NMC but need some additional training. I found one bridge program in London, but they accept mostly asylums and anyway for the next couple of years they didn't get any funding, so they are shuttled down. May be you should start thinking about other options, which is very sad if you like nursing as I am. Hope that helps..