NCLEX preparation in Akron, Ohio !!! Please help if any one can have idea :-)

  1. 0 hi,

    i am planning for rn in ohio and currently staying in akron city, ohio. i am new and don't have any idea; what to do and how to do?

    i need your help on (1) process of registration (2) date and schedule of nclex exam (3) any preparation institute near university of akron {where i currently stay} (4) what are the things i must remember and consider?

    it would be great to hear from some of you.
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    If you graduated outside of the US with a BSN in nursing then it's crucial that you must follow the steps for international applicants on the Ohio BON website. Have you been approved to sit for the NCLEX in Ohio? If not, then visit the BON immediately and follow the steps. If you are having issues finding your way around the website then contact them for help. Good Luck
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    You can not schedule a date for the NCLEX without your ATT and approval from the BON. once you have your ATT you can then schedule to sit the exam and a lot will depend on dates available at the test center

    Suggest you check out the NCLEX forum in the student section in regards to study

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