Military Nursing in Australia?

  1. Hi there!
    Im just curious if there's anybody out there that has any insights or comments about being military nursing in Australia. How the process works to become one? Whats it like? Really, any comments will do. I tried to use google to gather any information but didnt really get far.
    I appreciate it! Thanks a lot!

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  3. by   Ellie10
    Is where all info about joining the military is. You need to become an Australian citizen which means... coming to Aust on a working visa, then after a while applying for Permanent residence which can take 6 months to 1 year for a nurse, then to get citizenship you need to have lived in Oz for 4 years, with 12 months being post gaining PR.

    Pretty much the only requirements to get into miliary once you are a citizen are: The equivalent of a Bachelor of Nursing, 2 years civilian employment as a Registered Nurse, aged 17-56, criminal history check both in USA and Aust, passing fitness and aptitude tests.

    Four years living in Australia before you can join the military is a long time if that is what you want to do. Why not join in the US?
  4. by   Fiona59
    Quote from Ellie10
    Four years living in Australia before you can join the military is a long time if that is what you want to do. Why not join in the US?
    Because the Americans don't have those "digger" hats?
  5. by   NezPez88
    Hi Ellie
    Thank you tons for the info! I apologize for my ridiculously late response. The number one reason why I eventually want to live in Australia is my father. He lives in Melbourne now, fell in love with an amazing Oz lady and is now settling down there. We're very close and would love to be closer to him. Skype and the little timed trips we take back and forth can only go so far. I also have a couple other relatives in Oz whom I'd love to reconnect with also. Australia is also such a beautiful country! I absolutely loved everything to every moment when I was there on vacation. All the people were all nice, everything was clean, and the way of life there just suits my personality. I believe in working hard and having an awesome PLAYGROUND to play hard on. It looks like I can get into sooooo many things over there in Oz. I loved it!
    My father was also in the military and he's also one of the reason I want to pursue a career in the military nursing. But mainly I think being sent all around Australia or the world to help out would be such a rewarding job. Ive considered joining the military in the US but it just didn't feel right when ultimately I just want to be in the same state or continent as my Pops.
    Is there a maximum age limit to join? I should be able to find that out myself once I check out the link you sent me. Right now, I'm researching more about the RN transition to Australia. I've got the gist of it but I've yet to look into which visa I should choose (457 or 157?). It really all depends which ones the easiest to obtain a job without any problems or if any hospitals would sponsor. I've looked into a couple but the visas still left me unsure. anyways, thanks again for your reply. As always, any help is much much appreciated!