Mexican Nurses Working in USA

  1. I have had a difficult time getting an answer to this question for a few reasons. I am not a nurse and don't know the different titles and types of qualifications that one may get. Also, even with what little I have learned, I know that the same root word in English does not always signify the same in Spanish and more specifically in Mexico.

    I have a fiance from Guadalajara, Mexico who would like to work as a nurse in the US after we get married. She is learning English right now. That is the reason I am posting and not her. I am just looking for general information. We would like to make some general plans.

    She went through the Cruz Roja program associated with the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara where she took a year and a half of classes and did some clinical work as part of the program. Then she went directly to the UAG to get a specialty in Intensive Care. She went for another year and a half and did some additional clinical work. Since then she has had 10 total years working as a nurse for IMSS, 7 of those as an Intensive Care Nurse.

    My question is this: When she learns English well enough and passes the TOEFL will these qualifications allow her to work in the US and more specifically Oregon with minimal need to take additional studies? Or will most of her study and work experience be nontransferable to the US? Will she have to start from scratch?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    The only real answer will come from the BON once she goes through the application for examination, if she meets requirements she will receive eligibility to sit NCLEX and will need to pass it to be able to work as a RN
  4. by   enasset90
    It is understandable that the real answer will come from the BON. What I am asking is in general will something like the credentials she has probably be accepted or will they be denied. Are there people in the US who have received eligibility with similar education. I do not wish to spend the money to go through the process if it is for sure that they will be denied. Have others with similar education from this or a similar school been able to work in the US as a nurse?
  5. by   dishes
    You can find out if others with similar education received eligibility for licensing by looking at the statistical reports for ncsbn nclex pass rates. There is a category for country of nursing education, if Mexico is listed than the BON accepted the applicant's education and granted them eligibility to write the nclex.