Lvn-rn program for international graduates

  1. 0 hi im confused about LVN-RN, i am graduate BSN in philippines but due to concurrency issue many filipinos cant pursue their Nursing here in US, as for getting a LVN license and go back to school i would like to know if u will take the LVN-RN, will u be still a BSN? or you will still need to go back fo school for another BSN? i dont want to give up my BSN thats why im confused if theres a fastest and other ways that i could still get or accredit my BSN in here in US.. I am very serious and still looking up my options to pursue nursing here and i heard that ABSN doesnt apply to BSN graduates.. pls help.. thank you so much!
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    RN program in the US is the minimum degree qualification for you to be eligible for RN licensure. It will not give you a "BSN" after completion, but will give you an Associate degree in Nursing.

    For the sake of licensure, RN program is enough. But if you want to pursue higher education, like a Master's degree, then you need to have a BSN. To have your BSN recognized, an organization / university may request an evaluation, just like a CES of CGFNS.

    Remember, licensure requirements are different from university requirements.

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