Low GPA, new start at Athabasca.. Do I have a chance for RN?

  1. Hi, everyone!
    I have couple questions before I enroll in Athabasca University.

    I messed up BIG time in University and I was kicked out two years ago. (I had almost 50 credits..)
    At that time, I did not really know what I wanted to do, plus I had family issues..

    At the moment, I'm working and upgrading my English 12 for nursing, and I'm doing super good!
    After this, I'm going to take some courses(pre-reqs for RN program ~18 credits) at Athabasca University and start off fresh.

    If I do great at Athabasca and do some volunteering at a local hospital, will I have a chance to get into the RN program?
    Or.. Will my academic history ruin my chances even if I do amazing at Athabasca..?

    I have changed and I know I will be successful in University this time around, since I have a goal in life.
    I hope I still have chances.

    If you guys have any other suggestions, please let me know.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Volunteering in a hospital will do nothing for you other than pad your resume.

    Are you an LPN hoping to do the degree or a diploma RN who is going to do the degree?

    To do well at AU you must be able to study alone and prioritize your time.
  4. by   edtgirl
    I am a recent AU graduate.
    In order to get in the AU nursing program, you have to either be an LPN (LPN-BN program) or diploma RN (diploma RN-BN program).
    AU doesn't have a entry level RN program yet.
  5. by   fleetfoxRN
    The previous poster is correct, however, when I was upgrading my chem and bio 5 years ago, they did not allow in those who did not either, a) properly withdraw from a previous university program and those that were kicked out of a university. This is at the University of Windsor.. It may be different now, but nursing programs are so competitive and that was something they considered when looking at applicants.
  6. by   joanna73
    Previous posters are correct. Aside from leaving your program, it's unlikely any University will accept you into their nursing program with a low GPA. Admissions generally examine the history of their applicants to predict future success in the program. If your GPA isn't at least 85 percent, most schools will not consider you. All schools are extremely competitive, especially nursing.
  7. by   Ashnurse
    I suggest you look at northern colleges/universities. For example, I think the grande praise college in Alberta offers a nursing access program before you start the BSN program. It upgrades you in the needed courses to get into the nursing program. I have heard that they also help with writing papers, etc. I believe the course is a full year And then you apply for the BSN program. Many northern colleges offer support to those that need the upgrade marks to get into a program. You just might have to move.