Is Obstetrics required for RN in NY

  1. Hi friends, I need your help and suggestions. I am a male nurse in India, just completed my diploma. I haven't taken Obstetric nursing as it is not given to male nurses in my state in India. When I checked US state board websites I came to know its one of the educational requirement to be met before being eligible to sit for NCLEX-RN. Almost all of the states except NEW YORK mention this requirement in their respective website. It seems to me NY do not require OB hours for RNs as they have they have Midwifery as a different profession.
    Can somebody please help me in this matter. I have done 3&1/2 yr diploma with everything except OB nursing. Can I sit for NCLEX in NY?
    Your help will never be forgotten. Thanks
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    Generally you are required to have hours in Obstetrics, Paeds, Mental Health and Adult therefore I suggest you contact the BON and ask them direct
  4. by   bobbina
    Thank Silverdragon for your answr. I've seen u help a lot of ppl on this site.
    Regarding asking to BON, there answer is " u must have done a general nursing course of atleast 2 yrs in length from a gov. approved program and be authorized to practice in the country where you completed your nursing education." or " send your application with the fee and we will evaluate your education."
    I am afraid if i apply & later (after spending $143+390,+time+energy) they ask me to complete the required hrs, what wud i do? I don't even know any college where i can complete hrs without repeating the whole nursing program.

    I have an idea which i got it from this site - I can get a letter from my nursing school saying i have done this much hrs in OB. How is it? Would it work? I can't get a certificate by exam bcoz there are no such courses offered here at my place. All or none law
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Your nursing school has to verify you have hours both clinical and theory in obstetrics. A letter may do it but I can't guarantee it will be enough.
  6. by   bobbina
    I e-mailed NY BON, and received following response :-

    "NYS requires that you have completed a program that leads to licensure as a professional level general nurse in jurisdiction in which it is offered. We do not conduct a content review. If your program led to licensure in India as a registered nurse, it is likely that the program would be acceptable in NYS."

    What do you think of this? Should I apply?
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    I guess really the only way to get an answer is go through the process