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  1. Hi All-

    I am hoping to begin traveling nursing sometime next summer. I'd love to go somewhere international. I've found a few websites that offer placements. I know Australia needs a ton of US nurses, but ideally I'd like to be placed somewhere in Europe so I can travel around there. I am hoping to be in London.

    Anyone have any experience with this? Working conditions, pay, which agency, what specialties are in demand, etc?

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    It will not be as easy as you think, if looking at the UK then you will need to meet NMC requirements and also find a employer willing to assist with a work permit. If you go to the UK forum and search for shortage occupation (1 or both words) you will find the current list for occupations accepted but generally jobs have to go UK then EU before rest of world and this is for most of the EU job has to go to country then EU making it harder to get work visa

    Can be done but hard work Good luck
  4. by   PennyLane191984
    Thanks for the reply Silverdragon! So you've actually done international travel nursing? How was your individual experience with it? Where did you go?

    I admit I'm rather surprised by you saying how difficult it is. The travel nursing websites make it out to be very easy. How was your experience different? Just obtaining the work visas, etc?

  5. by   Silverdragon102
    I am a UK citizen so not an issue for me to work in the UK or EU however unemployment is very high at the moment in the UK and many people looking for work including nurses that may have left the workforce. RN is not a shortage in the UK despite what many may think and in some areas many students just qualifying find it hard to get work. The Government has also stated that they are changing immigration/work requirements making it harder for Non EU residents to obtain work. Also if you look at NHS jobs there usually state that they will not assist in getting work permit. Agencies still have to prove that you meet the shortage requirements for a work permit

    Suggested link to look at re working in the UK

    UK Home Office, Skilled workers
  6. by   PennyLane191984
    Thanks again for the reply.

    Do you know why so many travel agencies offer positions in the UK if there is not a need? Is is a matter of experience? (Similar to the US, RN's in need, but new GN's having a problem finding places to work).