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I pity myself for being unemployed. I didnt know what prompted me to browse through my facebook friends' profile, because i dont usually do that. I am not an avid fb user by the way, probably because i dont have internet... Read More

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    im in the us

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    Quote from farzzi,RN
    I also felt the same way too way back but now i got the job here in saudi arabia and the salary satisfies me. Just believe and continue to pursue your dream of having a job. )
    do you have any hospital experiences? I'm also planning to apply in saudi, eventhough I do not have any hospital experiences.
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    I feel your pain dude. Im also going through the same situation as you. Right after i got my PH license back in 08, i took the ielts and nclex exams and passed both. It was stupid of me to undervalue the amount of graduates that this country is producing. I know we are overflowing with graduates even back in 08, but i really thought my credentials and especially the school where i came from would be enough justification to land me a job easily. I never thought for a second that i would have a hard time getting a job or even volunteer work locally but i was up for a rude awakening once ive started giving out my resumes to various hospitals. Days and months passed without any calls or texts from any hospitals. This is when i realized that i have to suck it up and find someone to back me up. Needless to say, i got my backer and i volunteered for 5-6 months in a secondary public hospital. I learned a great deal of skills and experienced a lot from my stay there. But once it became repetitive i called it quits since there is no other motivation to stay other than camaraderie with the workers and co-volunteers. That was the last hospital work experience i had and it's been 14 months since that happened.

    I want to write more about the things that i went through but basically the reason i replied is i want to say that not all the registered nurses can get a job or any legitimate work experience here in the philippines, especially if you dont have backers Only a few lucky ones can get to do that nowadays. How many are we? now 150-200k registered nurses without jobs? It just isnt realistic.

    Right now, I got a job waiting for me in US, im only waiting for my visa to be released. But im not optimistic about that either. So im broadening my options. I took the NMAT last december and got a really high score, i got a 98. (not to boast but honestly i didnt study and i only answered the emailed practice questions sent by CEM.) I dont know how that happened since im not that smart, in fact i got a lot of 2.5 and 2.75 in college. The exam uses percentile ranking to determine the scores so maybe it's just a testament of the failing educational system here in the philippines. Anyway, yeah im contemplating on studying medicine. Im also learning photography basics and maybe open a photostudio this year or next year with the help of my parents money. Ive also worked at a call center near us to make money for myself but that didnt last long. I didnt like the job itself but it was a good experience.

    The point is, be open minded. I dont want to sound rude or condescending when i say that but we have to be realistic here. For me it's been 3 years, i might give up pursuing my nursing career completely if i dont get a nurse related job this year. Too much time has been wasted waiting. We must learn when to give up and try some other things. Its a somewhat pessimistic view of our situation but it is also pragmatic. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Good luck guys.

    And oh yeah and shier is right dont put nclex, cgfns or even ielts as part of your resume. Its not a plus, quite the contrary. Employers will think that you are not interested in working for a long time in their institution.
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    Quote from arciRN
    do you have any hospital experiences? I'm also planning to apply in saudi, eventhough I do not have any hospital experiences.
    hi arciRN, yes i have 2 years exp in the Phil. i applied to SRO through POEA.. if you are planning to apply here in Saudi choose to be employed in a gov't hospital if possible..
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    too bad for those nurses until now didnt have any opportunity. Im also RN in the phil now I live in CA. Im reviewing for nclex.
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    This too shall pass...
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    Quote from trevor05
    This too shall pass...
    if that's the surplus..hmmm maybe 5-10 more years. I got a chat with a nurse who's been in practice for 30 years. She told me that it was like the exact same thing when she graduated. Nursing was very much in demand back then and a lot of students took nursing but then by the time she graduated, there's already a surplus of nurses.
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    I understand what you're going through. I'm in the same situation as you are right now. I graduated and passed the board year 2008, though I don't have NCLEX and other exams like you did. I trained at a local hospital but didn't got absorbed as a staff. I took seminars but that didn't help. I asked for help from people from position but to no avail. I had a few contractual jobs here and there but only lasted for a month. I applied for, and still applying for, non-medical positions such as promodizer and office staff, but after several times I followed up progress of my application, I was not accepted probably because I am overqualified. Like you, call centers and BPO jobs are not my thing but there's a high chance I'll try there. Currently, I'm still unemployed. I know the feeling, and it really sucks. Oftentimes I also pity myself, and adding the people who judge you for being too picky or being lazy and having no ambition in life made my feeling worse. I even think I have mild depression now.

    I believe I am not the one to give some wise advice, I just want to say that you are not alone in this bad time. Hope I made you feel somewhat better. And the others who responded to your post are right, we should not lose hope.

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