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I am freaking out!!!

  1. 0 Hello there, I just need advice. I have been stressing over this issue for days. I know it's been discussed a million times and I have searched and read every post I'm sure. Anyways, I was educated in Canada, 4 year bscn. Have been working in the US for 9 years as an RN in AZ. I now have a green card. My husband has accepted a position in California. I am 32 weeks pregnant and stressing over what I am supposed to do. I applied for endorsement through California. I did everything and got a letter saying I didn't meet the clinical hours. I do know several RN's that I graduated with who got their license. I also know that my nursing school had to manually add up the hours. I am lacking hours in psych, ob and peds. I know it's just an error of calculation but none the less they are saying I need a lett from my school to clarify. As we all know the CA brn is not an easy place to gt through to. So when I called the other day they also said "it depends in where you went to school" and transferred me to a voicemail. I am so stressed. I didn't think this would be an issue as my classmates have gotten their license. I am due sept 1 and was supposed to move the end of sept. This will really screw up plans if I can't get a license!!! I just need advice in the letter I need and success stories!!! I am calling first thing inter AM. I can't even enjoy my vacation because I am so stressed!P.S. Do you think having a visa screen would help? I didn't send a copy because it wasn't required
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    getting visa screen won't help. CA are for some reason getting very strict but I am surprised if they don't accept your Canadian training as it is general like their training