How could F1 student RN work in US long-term legally?

  1. Hello Everyone!
    I'm an F1 status nursing student from China. I'm about to graduate in May, 2013 and suppose to get RN licence at that time. I'm willing to work in the US, but I've met some difficulty with what I should do after graduate in order to get a job and stay here. Please, is there anyone who knows some issues or ways to solve my peoblem? Please reply me and I'll appreciate your responding VERY MUCH! Thank you!
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    Have you applied for OPT? that will allow you to stay and work for 12 months after that you will need to find a employer willing to either go the H1b route, which may be hard due to current situation with many US nurses struggling for work or Immigration which will be a 6 plus year wait due to retrogression and you can not stay in the US continue working whilst waiting. Only other option is maintain F1 status and full time education which will be expensive.

    You may have to think about returning back to China or look at another country but be aware going to another country will take time as you will have to meet both nursing and immigration requirements