Hiv positive filipino nurse for USA

  1. 0 Hi! I am a filipino nurse who is about to work in illinois soon. My concern is that i am hiv positive and i fear that i mightneed todisclose it to my employer as part of the pre employment health screening. Is it required by the law or what legal matters should i knowabout this thing? Also, im on arv meds and i fear tat i cant find ways on how to purchase my meds when i get there due to confidentiality issues. Any support group in the US to whom I can seek help? Thanks.
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    Personally, I would seek the counsel of an attorney or at least an advocacy group. An attorney who is experienced in workplace issues will know the answers to your questions and direct you to the right course of action.
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    Hi, can we contact each other? We have the same concern. Thanks.
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    By law you do not have to report your HIV status to your employer because with the appropriate use of PPE and compliance with your ARV regimen, you are not carrying a communicable disease and are not a threat to your patient. Best wishes
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    Quote from morpheus_2145
    Hi, can we contact each other? We have the same concern. Thanks.
    Hi we are in the same situation. Can we contact each other? Thanks

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