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  1. Hello everyone. I've been a passive member of this forum for years since I was still studying for BSN. Created several accounts cause I keep forgetting my info. I lost interest following this for a while cause I nobody seems to know anything about what I ask, not that I ask questions that have been asked before or ones that are out of this world. Here I am again trying cause I want to give this NCLEX stumbling block another try. Does anyone have an idea or comment on how many times one could retake the NCLEX-RN in Nevada? I've taken it twice--in late 2010 and early 2011. Had a baby and shunned it for a while cause I failed both times but thinking of retaking it again soon while taking care of my baby at the same time (though I couldn't imagine how I'd do that yet--won't mind the hows for now). Would NV BON require me to submit all documentations, i.e. transcripts, proof of grad or not anymore? The problem I have is I lost the copy of my Performance Reports (the one they mail you after taking the NCLEX). I think I remember vaguely reading from it that I have to take a Refresher course to make sure I pass it the next time but I don't know how to confirm besides calling NV BON. I will do that for sure but I just wanted to know if someone could help me here too. Another concern of mine is when I pass the test next time would it be a good idea to take an RN Refresher course? I was just thinking since I'm a foreign graduate and have never worked as a nurse since I graduated in 2009, plus I really don't have any idea or know what to expect about working as a nurse here in the US, maybe this course could work for people like me too. I've only read about it being taken by RNs who used to be in the workforce and became inactive to be able to work as a nurse again. Besides I don't think of being employed as a nurse soon after but putting that info on my resume when I start applying for jobs could be a plus or maybe put me at par with new BSN graduates here in the US at least.What can one do after passing the NCLEX, how to gain some kind of experience, would anyone hire me being a foreign graduate, grad almost 4 years ago and no experience working? How could I be hired then? I'll take any kind of work even if it's not for a RN just as long as I stay in the Nursing profession. Please comment, anybody. Don't make me lose my faith on allnurses I just want an audience to hear me out even if you couldn't answer my questions directly. I don't want to just see people read the posts I make but not leave me anything that I could make use of--anything. THANK YOU in advance.
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  3. by   girliegirl1

    don't give up hope. I have been a nurse for 4 years. I am not familiar with retesting and the requirements. Have you checked the bon for Nevada? you can also work as a graduate nurse in the meanwhile until you get licensed.

    hope this helps
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    As per Nevada BoN:
    Interim Permit
    -The Board may grant an Interim Permit to a first-time examinee after the Board receives the application and documentation of graduation from an approved nursing education program. The Interim Permit allows the examinee to practice as a Graduate Nurse only in the state of Nevada and only for 90 days.
    -The Interim Permit expires upon notification of examination failure, regardless of the time remaining on the Interim Permit. Authority to practice as a Graduate Nurse then ceases.
    -Interim Permits will not be extended beyond the original 90 days of issue.

    As far as your other queries, it will be very difficult to obtain employment in the US if you graduated 4 years ago and have never worked as a nurse or even obtained a license.

    If you do elect to take a refresher course, be certain that the course is approved by the board of nursing.