Help for international student about OPT training

  1. ok so i know that a international person does not have much chance of getting to stay at the end of their education period but im learning to come back after retro is over in like 10 years or when ever.
    But i was wondering is, were are good areas to look for the 1 year period that i get opt?
    I have a while to go in my training so i just want to get on top of it. i am willing to go any were in america because im going to need the money to reinvest into my BSN so i will be qualified in america and home
    Im not looking for a place to work and get a green card i just need 1 year of full time work to get experience and money to further my education!
    so if you went to a certain area or know some one who did if you could just leave me the name of the hospital and the area that would be soooooo helpful. D:heartbeat
    Any help and advice would be much appreciated. redpinkheredpinkheredpinkhe
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    A lot will depend where you are or where you are willing to move to. A lot of employers may not be willing to employ you if you have only a year to work as training you will take money. We have had people post that they struggled for this reason to find anyone willing to employ them for OPT