HELP!! Filipino Nurse migrated to Ontario. What to do to become a nurse here in Canad - page 2

HI to all!! Im a newbie here! I'm a Registered nurse in the Philippines, a second courser (BS Psych as my first course) and also an NCLEX-RN passer. i had passed my application form to CNO and just... Read More

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    The community colleges filter applicants to the PSW programs based on the applicants prior education. The community colleges accept applicants who do not have the prerequisite high school marks required for acceptance into a diploma or degree program and/or applicants who do not have the financial or personal means to attend school for more than 1 year.
    There are some private colleges that offer PSW programs to new immigrants. Do not believe anything these private schools claim!! You do not need a PSW certificate and the private PSW programs do not provide valid, recognized education and Toronto employers will not accept certification from a private program.
    There are agencies, such as Integracare and Bayshore (you can google their websites) who do hire IENs to work as private personal support workers. A PSW certificate is not required because the IENs already have the knowledge from their basic training and are able to provide the basic care the client requires. The pay is minimum wage.

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    oh, I see.. I did not know any of these.

    thank you very much for the help! if there's anything more you'd like to add to these pls feel free to do so. I can use all the tips and facts I can get