1. 0 Hi guys, I am new here. I just passed my HAAD-RN exam and now Im preparing to process my license. I just wanna ask if it's ok if I use my RHU staff nurse experience in processing my data flow. I hope you can answer my questions. Comments will be much appreciated. God bless!
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    as per the HAAD PQR web (http://www.haad.ae/HAAD/LinkClick.as...8%3d&tabid=927) it states there
    NLT 2 years clinical experience post qualification in appropriate setting..

    From my understanding - having a paid experience + obtaining at least 2 years hospital experience ( e.g in MS ward) is what is meant there but just to be on the safe side, I suggest you contact them (HAAD) in their email healthcare@haad.ae.

    BTW congratz for passing the exam! yey!
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    hello I am also new here, I am a registered nurse in the Philippines,I have a two years work experience in a medical surgical ward in a 150 bed capacity medical center in Laguna, I want to know the process in data flow for me to able to be a Haad license nurse. Thank you
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIaCAwckwAk you can watch this video about steps in dataflow
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    how did you apply to do the exam before your application went into HAAD? I've submitted my application and it's in process but am waiting to hear if I have to sit the exam!
    if I could sit the exam whilst I'm waiting for them this might be good for me to look into. Are you working here now?
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    hi everyone. i just wanted to ask if my experience as a staff nurse in a mental hospital (National Center for Mental Health) qualifies as a clinical experience? i mean, i'm a bit skeptical about my work experience since i am working as a psychiatric nurse. please enlighten me with this one. thanks!