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  1. 0 hi all nurses!

    i don't know where else to turn to.. hope you can help me with this. I'm looking forward to taking the HAAD exam this coming month. i've searched their site but i really don't understand their process flow. i also tried to send my queries via their email but until now nobody has replied..

    can you help me with these ques:
    (1) Experience: does it have to be 2 yrs in just 1 hospital?
    *i had worked in 3 hospitals for the past 2 years : 1 yr as med-surg nurse in a semi-private hospital; and remaining months in a private hospital
    *is being a private duty nurse considered as experience?
    (2) after I have gathered my experiences: what is the next step?.. someone mentioned an online application.. i tried to register but it is asking if i have a visit/resident visa and mobile number in UAE.. or i might have pulled up the wrong form.. huhuhu
    (3) what are the documents to be passed? and where should i mail them?

    I still have a lot of ques but these are the important ones as of right now..

    truly hope that you can assist me with this: i might not be able to check this site often.. my email address is: katie_neverthere@yahoo.com

    i am confused, frustrated but optimistic..

    Your help is truly appreciated
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    Moved to the International forum

    There are a few threads discussing this exam
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    how to moved in the international forum?
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    Only staff members can move threads and I have already moved this to the International forum

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