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Global healthcare usa

  1. 0 guys! i'm new here! Pls. help. anyone here under GLOBAL HEALTHCARE GROUP LLC? I just want feedback. Just signed with them and I'm weighing my options. Pls... all replies are welcome. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Moved to the International forum

    There are a few threads already discussing this company may want to check them out
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    yeah.i have received an email from global healthcare usa but not the GLOBAL HEALTHCARE GROUP LLC. i want to background check the company before I submit all my infos. is this global healthcare usa legit? any feedback guys. thanks
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    But if you already signed with them then you're bound by contract.
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    yeah me 2 i receive an email from globaltech usa but i haven't send my doc. yet..
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    where can i verify global healthcare usa
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    Has anyone found some more information about this company? I got the email from them..
    I am wondering if this is not a fraud...
    If anyone has some info please share...
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    ...i also got email from them anyways u can ask them..i cant find it in the internet has anyone know their website. can anyone share about this globaltech usa.
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    they keep me sending a dozens of emails but i dont know if they are legitimate i havent send my documents yet and they call me irresponsible. i just want to know if this is not a scam they want me to have some deposit for the visa processing well i dont think i will i dont have their background info yet.
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    What visa are they applying for you? What guarantee are they giving you? What experience do you have? Which country are you looking at?

    If immigrant visa and the USA then remember you will be affected by retrogression. If H1b then you should be specialised and have a bachelors plus they have to prove that they can not employ locally for the job which at the moment should be hard due to the high volume of nurses in the US struggling for work
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    its H1B visa process, actually in not a nurse im a pharmacists
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    in the USA, im looking forward anywhere in USA...they've said theyll give free travel and housing and theyll give me the study materials for the state board theyll also assist me for that and orientation before i start to work...
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    how about you silverdragon do u receive some emails from them?