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  1. 0 In order to recieve a license in the state of Florida, besides credential evaluation, nclex, etc... It is also necessary to complete a Prevention of Medical Errors course....so, I called a place up from the CE Broker website and they sent me a catalog with all the info. On the billing form, they ask for your license #. Obviously I do not have that yet. So, what do I do? Can I send it in w/o the # or do I have to wait for something from the BON in order to complete this course?

    Is it possible for me to take an ACLS course even though I do not own a US license yet? Has anyone ever done it before? COmplicated...easy?

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    Try taking the course here. I'm from NY and I took the NY mandated course here http://www.elearnonline.net/statemandate.aspx?x=45

    about the ACLS, I suggest you take the BLS course 1st. "I THINK" you can't take the ACLS without the BLS. Try searching for AHA approved BLS courses in Florida. Good luck!
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    Thank you louizky for the help!!
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    I took the liberty of searching for your BLS class here's the list of approved AHA BLS training http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/classC...questid=262159
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    Wow, THANK YOU. It's so kind of you to help. I'm kinda lost right now.

    Do these courses provide you with written material (handbook?)

    I'm checking out the site right now. Thanks again.
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    I really don't know. I'm from NY. Just check on the site of the training center that's closest to you. In my case, one training center here provides a written handbook for $12 only.
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    Just one question, Can I take this course w/o any license?
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    The BLS course? I think so. But to be sure, just ask the training center.
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