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    I'm a high school student that has gotten into UBC science program and I want to transfer into the BCIT nursing program after I have gotten enough credits. I've tried doing some research but the BCIT website didn't really give me enough information about what I courses I might have to take.

    I know for first year the courses at UBC are pretty general but courses like BIOL 112 or BIOL 121 confused me as to which one I should take if I plan on going into nursing (or maybe it doesn't even matter).

    Also if I have already taken Physics 12 and Chemistry 12 in high school and it says take TWO of take two of CHEM 121, 123, (or CHEM 113 if CHEM 111 taken), PHYS 101, 102 or PHYS 107*, 108*, 109* for BOTH phys and chem, do I choose four courses or just two?

    I know that you have to take a bunch of elective courses and do a ton of volunteer experience to get into BCIT nursing but I was wondering if someone could give me a complete list of what I NEED to take to get in regardless of whether it is in first year, second year or maybe even third year? Such courses as psychology or any courses on human anatomy (I know that UBC nursing needs a course called BIOL 153 or an equivalent human anatomy course). I was wondering if someone could explain what BIOL 153 is too and whether if we're able to take it in first year or not?

    Sorry if this seems like a lot of questions but I'm anxious and scared that I might not make it into nursing since this is what I've been wanting to do for a long time. Thanks to anyone willing to answer my relentless rambles!
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    Hi ttj93,

    First year science at UBC is pretty packed and you don't generally have a lot of space to take extra courses. I would also recommend contacting the science advisor for help/questions about your first year, as they are very helpful and can provide the most accurate advice.

    That being said, I was a student at UBC before BCIT and can help you out a bit For UBC science you will need to take both BIO 112 and 121 (and 140, the lab). You will need to take CHEM 121+123 (or 111/113 if you haven't taken chem 12) AND two classes of physics (sorry, I did not take physics for my program so don't know much about them).

    BCIT looks for you to have 3 credits (one course) of English. This is also required for first year UBC science, so that isn't a problem.

    BCIT also looks for you to have 6 credits of psychology or sociology (2 courses). You might be able to fit that in your first year timetable, or you could take it in the summer or second year. They also want you to have 6 credits (2 courses) of 200+ level Arts electives. So I would recommend taking PSYC 100 (6 credits) and then two upper level psyc courses.

    If you've taken BIO 12 in high school, that is all BCIT requires. However, I do recommend taking BIO 153, as it will be very beneficial for your nursing courses at BCIT. It is a 6 credit (year long) anatomy and physiology course, and goes in depth into a lot of what you learned in BIO 12. It will without a doubt help you when you get to BCIT and take patho! However, I don't think you have room in your first year timetable for this course (and it is very demanding, so I don't recommend squeezing it in). Perhaps you could take this in the summer, or in second year.

    Let me know if you have any more questions
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