Exemption to take DOHMS nursing exam

  1. Hi Nurses!
    I,m a filipina registered nurse, practicing for more than 5years, just arrived here in Dubai.I'm just wondering, because I,m planning to take DOHMS examinaton(nursing licensure exam here in Dubai), I read from the DOHMS website regarding the english proficiency language as part of the requirement, for RNs from countries like europe and USA, once they have presented a primary source of their roficiency, they are exempted from the DOHMS exam. I also read in the website that DOHMS accredited language proficiency testare TOFEL and IELTS. Since I already passed the IELTS, am I exempted from the exam? THANKS!!!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    They go by where you trained, as for any country. From the Philippines, you do not get a waiver for that exam.
  4. by   aleiza
    Hi nurses......I just got an employer here in Dubai and will soon take the DOHMS exam. Currently, I'm relying on the CGFNS/NCLEX reviewers as reading materials. Could you please provide any overview(specific nursing specialization) or any sample questions of the DOHMS exam/panel interview? I'll greatly appreciate your response(s).....
  5. by   MNRM
    Hello... Im also a registered nurse requiring information about DOHMS registration. Currently I have 3 nursing registrations, Philippines, Saudi and UK. I am processing my MOH registration and found out that I am exempted for the exam coz I am currently registered with the NMC -UK. And since I am looking for a job here in Dubai, I am required to get a DOH liscense as well. Can you provide any information regarding the DOHMS registration. I have passed an IELTS exam also... so what will the DOHMS require of me to get registered. Will greatly appreciate any input or info...thanks.
  6. by   aleiza
    Hi there,so aside from being an nclex passer and masteral degree holder, current registration with NMC are also one of the criteria for being exempted from MOH exam,nyway do you have any idea if CGFNS passers are also exempted from MOH? As for your concern regarding DOHMS examination, you can log-in to www.dohms.gov.ae., from here you can download the registration forms, submit your completed forms in their DHA(formerly DOHMS) office, with your original documents for verification. It is easier if you have employer who will sponsor the exam and the fees, but walk-in applicants are also entertain, with a DHS 1050 payment.You can checked also in their website the available dates for examination, and you have an option if you want to take the exam urgently. All the best.

  7. by   hanna.selarde
    Hi! I am Filipino Registered Nurse with 2 years clinical experience. I passed my NCLEX-RN examination, too. I only have 18 Master of Arts in Nursing units and have not yet taken an IELTS exam. Is it possible that I am exempted from taking the DOHMS exam here in Dubai?

    I would appreciate it so much for a response regarding this matter.

    Thank you!
  8. by   aleiza
    hi there! I've learned that there are no exemptions to taking DOHMS exam, as for MOH, the criterias for exemption is being an NCLEX passer and having a degree in masteral. So you are exempted from MOH exams but MOH license is honor in other emirati cities, not in dubai. So if you are planning to work in dubai you still have to take the DOHMS exam. Wishing you luck.
  9. by   MAALMC
    Hi, It really is complicated.. If you can work in any of the other emirates with an MOH License but not in Dubai (with the exception of one or two hospitals). If your MOH License (Obtained through the Ministry of Health Licensing procedures) does not exempt you from taking an exam or panel interview to obtain a DOH License. This indicates that the DOH does not recognise the Authenticity of its own Ministry Licensing and therefore puts the Quality of Care and Questions the qualifications of those staff employed at hospitals outside of Dubai... is this the case or is it just a Money Making Scam.? I am sure all medical professionals employed throughout the emirates are more than qualified to work in any of the hospitals.. But why is Dubai different and why will all currently licensed professionals in Dubai be required to apply for DHA Licensure in the Next year unless they are exempt by holding a UK registration etc.. In addition they will be required to prove English competency (IELTS etc.).. However this is not a requirement from any of the other Emirates... So out of interest does anyone know why Dubai is so different and why it does not even recognise its own MOH..?