Do nurses with 3 year degree of Bsc.Nursing have chances to get a job opportunity?

  1. in my country they offer 3+1 years degree for paramedical scieces including some students who will be unable to achieve the required amount of gross product average , they have to satisfy with the 3 year general degree.but we are having the registration in the medical council of the do those who are with 3 year general degree have job chances in countries such as Singapore and middle east countries ?
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    Not sure if you mean you qualify for paramedic or nursing with only one year after a general degree. I doubt any country would except a one year nursing education, even if it is covered up by calling it a 4 year BSN.
  4. by   Happy Wombat
    It depends a lot on the subject you studied during those 3 years. If the nursing board of that country recognise/accept the modules you have studied in your univiersity, then you should have no issue with registration. If they do not, then you will either have to 1) take a bridging program. 2) Re-study a nursing degree in which the country recognise. 3) Stay where you are and forget about registering in that respective country.

    I'm pretty sure Poda refers to degrees such as what ACU offered.

    Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Paramedicine dual degree - Courses - ACU (Australian Catholic University)