CGFNS-CES - page 3

Hi everyone! I'm from Philippines and i've been planning to apply for licensure in New Mexico. One of the requirements is a CES. CGFNS is the credentialing agency that i would want to evaluate my... Read More

  1. by   Kalleigh2011
    Hi guys.. The status of my order for CES in my CGFNS account is REPORT ISSUED BUT WAITING FOR ENGLISH. (April 12, 2011). I took TOEFL last June. Total score is 100, 27 speaking. My questions are: Did I pass the TOEFL test? My Reading section scored 21, Listening -22. How long will it take for CGFNS to submit my CES report to BON? Thanks much.
  2. by   armaniyan
    Hi... I'm taking my cgfns-ces... I understand the requirement for the university education and the ones for PRC.... What I'm having problems with is the records for highschool. My school said that they cannot send it directly to CGFNS unless they have a request letter from them. I also cannot find a form for the highschool education on the download section... Please please please help...