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Hi can anyone help me please. Is there anyone taking this exam CGFNS. Pleaseeeee help me . Anyone having CGFNS guide? Pleaseeeee tell me. God bless you guys. Waiting for your response. Any help will be appreciated. Any advice... Read More

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    I think you will find now that only a small handful of states require the CGFNS exam there are not the people posting that have done it. most I believe just use the study material that CGFNS send
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    Quote from Gold2010
    Arizona . Are you writing this exam?
    If you're a Phils BSN degree holder of recent years, you might want to re-consider going further with AZ.

    They are on the 14-15 States list enforcing the concurrency rules, here's the link:

    In fact, notice from my July 20th posting, it was my friend who got rejected.