Canadian Rn wants to relocate to US-Cali

  1. I am a (British Columbia) Canadian RN and would like to relocate to California with a year. I currently work in public health and realize that its near impossible to get into community nursing in the states. Pehaps somthing more generic such as med surg? the only hospital experince I have is in postpartum maternity. I have been loooking into finding recruiters that would help with this move. i'd like at least a year's contract that has a chance of permanent hire. Any help on what direction I should take? any bc nurses that have relocated? What agancies/companies would you reccomend? I'm looking into writing the nclex this fall. Thanks.
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    California is having an economic metal down so jobs are hard to come by. Before you look for a job, you need to pass the NCLEX. Public Health I believe in California requires special training.

    I would not count on any recruiters calling you, once you pass the NCLEX you will need to look and market yourself to get job. You will also have to find an employer that will help with immigration, which at this time maybe hard since there are many qualified US nurses. You will have to pay for your own relocation fees .